Item Support vs. Theme Customization

We offer support for all of our themes across the different marketplaces. When you purchase a license for one of our themes, we are happy to help you with any issues you may encounter while installing or using the theme.

However, the included item support must not be confused with theme customization. While we’re happy to help with theme-specific issues, we do not have the resources to provide theme customization services out-of-the-box.

So, what is the difference between item support and theme customization?

Item Support Examples

  • The theme appears to be broken. You’ve read the documentation files and followed the installation instructions but the theme won’t install properly, or the customization options do not take after you set them up as described on the documentation.
  • The theme does not work as advertised or as shown on the demo. You’ve installed the theme and set it up as instructed, but for some reason, the theme doesn’t look or behave like it should.
  • The theme has an obvious bug that prevents you from using it properly.

Theme Customization Examples

  • You want to change a theme element to look or behave differently to what’s shown on the demo and beyond what the customization options will allow.
  • You want to add another section or extra functionality to the existing ones beyond what is shown on the demo or documented on the theme help file.
  • You want to install a third-party script or alter the behavior of the bundled scripts beyond what’s possible via the theme options.
  • You need help customizing the appearance of a theme element beyond what’s possible via the theme options by writing Custom CSS.
  • A third-party script you added breaks the theme or causes unexpected behavior.
  • You need the theme to be installed for you.

Theme customization requires extending the theme beyond its initial scope of style and functionality. Because resources are finite, this kind of requests cannot be fulfilled by the included theme support.